Ukrainian tourists can not fly from Tunis to Kharkov


Photo: Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airpor

Ukraine news: In Tunisia at the airport are 300 Ukrainian tourists who can not fly to Kharkov.

At the airport a Monastery in Tunisia for second day there are about 300 Ukrainian tourists who can not fly to Kharkov.

It is reported with reference to TSN.

As he told the passengers the airline Bravo Airways and the tour operator Oasis Travel company Insight Holidays to meet their obligations on return of citizens of Ukraine home.

It is noted that the tourists remain at the airport Monastery without information about the scheduled departure. Another group of tourists had to fly out again at 7:35 on 28 June, they were taken to the hotel in Sousse.

“Do not promise anything. Say who or what someone promises a departure, some say the departure will not,” say the tourists .

In the Consulate of Ukraine in Tunisia reported that the reason for flight delays is the lack of fuel for refueling aircraft. According to the government, the tour operator is obliged to solve the situation within a few hours.

“Now the Consulate is addressing this problem. The tour operator promises to solve the situation in a few hours, however more details will be available later,” said the Consulate.