In Kiev, tourists again are unable to fly out of airports



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News of Ukraine: In Kiev, the passengers can’t fly from airports a trip, framed with the tour operator.

In Kiev, the passengers once again could not fly from the airport to the journey, decorated by the tour operator.

It is reported “At the airport in Kyiv to them. Sikorsky (Zhuliany) again, huge delays, the airline’s planes Bravo fly.

According to the representative of the airline. they have not received tranche from tour operators and they just can’t fill the plane. For its part, the tour operator, all paid for and the problem is in the carrier”, — stated in the message. According to “112 Ukraine”, as of 12:00 on the Bulletin Board it was reported about the delay of seven flights.

Several thousand tourists are unable to fly, particularly in Antalya and Batumi .

At the airport in Tunisia is stuck hundreds of Ukrainian tourists

“Passengers tried to find out the reasons for the delay of one of the flights at the airline. First, they were told that the plane broke down, then – that the company was having financial difficulties, and then stopped to pick up the phone”, – said the TV channel.