In Odessa, the radicals held a mocking protest at the building of the Russian Consulate, roast on the grill a chicken with two heads, which, in their opinion, symbolizes the coat of arms of Russia. Later the carcass of the animal was strung nationalists on the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Installation under the building of the Russian diplomatic mission in Odessa was dedicated to the third anniversary of the referendum in the Crimea on accession to Russia, according to “Russian conversation”.

The radicals brought to the Consulate the grill and the chicken, which, thanks to another attached head, became double-headed eagle, symbolizing the Russian coat of arms. Spreading at the entrance to the building the bonfire radicals fried impromptu “drudgework eagle”, and then hung him from the coat of arms of Ukraine .

The humiliating action was left without attention of law enforcement and caused outrage in the Russian segment of social networks.