This international music session in Vitebsk, characterized by the fact that all the stars go to each other’s homes. In solo concert to the Dawn came from Gerard Depardieu, with whom she sang a duet. The famous Frenchman, who a few years ago was the Russians, in Vitebsk, of course, was fascinated by everything: the weather, people, Souvenirs and Belarusian cuisine. But sing he did on the Eiffel tower that adorned the backdrop as the Grand piano in the bushes.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Concert singer, in turn, came Zara, which delight Belarusian flowers, it brought a huge bouquet of red roses. But the flowers were really heavy, and Zara, giving them a stake brightened considerably.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Baskov is simply incredible enthusiasm in outdoor facilities and, as a consequence, the possibility to give a concert in the fresh air . After one of his concert costume weighs 28 pounds — the average weight of knight armor and 80 thousand rhinestones, the artist in him to sing and rejoice. And he came to visit to two stars: on the performance of Oleg Menshikov and solo Irina Allegrova. To Menshikov without colors, but black glasses, Allegrova without glasses, but with white roses, to not be confused with a bouquet of Zara. And finally, almost all of them (without Depardieu) came to the President of Belarus, who was the main person at the opening concert, at least a star on the walk of fame was laid by him and Roza Rymbaeva. Alexander Lukashenko received a gift from the organizers of the forum. “It’s not just a gift, and the belt-amulet. The main gift to the man from the Slavic peoples. And may he protect you as you protect your nation and this festival,” said leading. After that Alexander Lukashenko went up in the VIP box, where next to him sat his younger son Nicholas and head of the presidential administration Natalia Kochanova.

At the concert all sang, even Oleg Menshikov. He was worried and stayed up half the night rehearsing. Not in vain — received an ovation. In General Menshikov on this sasne sang a lot and from the heart. Told during my author’s performance of “Orchestra of dreams. Copper” he’s got his musical education — he studied to play the violin. Recalled heavy the 90’s, which for him was not heavy, because he “held them in London: well spent — actually a lot of work on 300 performances a year.” There he first came to the musical “Phantom of the Opera”, who “beat out his brains”. But at the performance of Oleg Menshikov only sang the Aria of the Phantom, and really performed their hit from the other masterpiece works of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”, namely the song of king Herod. Like to sing? The artist told me that once in the Theatre school named after Schepkin in addition to the core subjects had stage movement and fencing — and led them a legendary figure, Arkady Borisovich Nemerovsky. And here on the first lesson, he met students with the phrase, “There is one artist that greatly facilitate you the life in this profession, you’ll never have the first. You will be second, third, fourth, fight for these places if you want, but remember once and forever: the first artist — Charlie Chaplin. Good luck to you in this profession!” But if you remember that Chaplin was a comedian of silent cinema, the place of singing artist number one until free and Menshikov has all the chances to take: at the moment of his concert performance was the only solo performance that has passed since pereaslavl. However, at the opening concert of Menshikov and his orchestra of wind instruments had to compete simultaneously with Natalia Oreiro and Emir Kusturica, who also made his “Smoking orchestra”.

Oreiro in his spare time was exposed to the attacks of fans who pressed forward, however, politely asking for a joint photo, and Kusturica studied the works of Marc Chagall in the local very cool Museum.

Emir Kusturica. Photo: a frame from the video.

Friday early morning sessions drove Katya LEL, Rodion Gazmanov, Igor Kostolevsky. “I carry all I worried organizers and Allegrova with the road at all refused to go to the management demanded that she immediately drove to the residence (at the time lived there, and Alla Pugacheva, other stars prefer to live in the city). Allegrova, Basque and Valley, which is awaited in the near future, travel by car. In this best of all feels in the way Kohl’s. “I went with my parents — he said, — mom, as always, all of you, we kept stopping to “boy ate”, well, you know…” But despite the humorous despair, it was clearly seen that not only the parents prick, but he loves them very much. “This year will be 42 years, as they together”, — proudly said the Basque.

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