Safety Last!


Photo: from open sources

Culture news: In the framework of the festival of Odessa on the Potemkin stairs will show one of the most famous films of the silent era movie Safety Last! with the legendary Harold Lloyd.

The film screening under the sky on 14 July. We will talk about this film, because 2018 is the anniversary – exactly 95 years ago, film Directors Sam Taylor and Fred C. Newman saw the light.

In the film, played by legendary actors Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis. The film tells about how a young man arrives in the city to work and finds a new adventure… the Film is the famous scene where Harold Lloyd hangs over the city on the spit of hours.

The idea of the film came when the Creator of this picture watching the rise of the Los Angeles skyscraper climber bill Strother.

Fragment in which Harold Lloyd hanging on the clock, was used in the beginning of the film “Hello, I your aunt!”, and in the movie “the time Keeper” .

Also a reference to this passage is a scene from the film Back to the future where Emmett brown hangs on an arrow of hours in the hill valley of 1955, before the storm.

In 1919 the new film, Harold Lloyd lost his thumb and index finger on his right hand, that did not stop him in Safety Last! to perform dangerous stunts at a fairly decent altitude, clinging to the recesses in the wall eight fingers.