In St. Kvitneve Brovary district (Kyiv region) at the landfill, where buried industrial waste of the former plant “Radikal” (Kiev) and other hazardous solid waste, with the violation of environmental and building standards under construction that resulted in damage to the waterproofing layer in the future will result in contamination of soil and groundwater, according to the social movement “Tradition and order”.

“Recently it became known that the landfill, which is owned by the Chairman of Brovary district Council Sergiy Gryshko, started to drive piles to a depth of 20 meters and depth of excavation 10 metres. Thus, the clay waterproofing layer has been damaged, that will certainly lead to the contamination of soil and groundwater,” reads a message posted on the page of “Tradition” in the social network Facebook.

The information States that the area of the polygon provided for the construction of a temporary asphalt plant for Az-Virt, the price of the tender for the works is approximately €120 million, However no official documents on the construction permit employees of the landfill and the builders did not provide.

“The company refused to provide any permits for the construction and deactivation of the dump that would allow construction work. As it turned out, of such documents, the company simply no”, – claim in motion.

As noted, activists called on the scene the police, but officers didn’t allow militiamen to the object and interfere to fix the violations.

“Legions of the order again came to the building and caused is investigative-task force to commit violations of town planning legislation, namely the fact of existing construction without permits the State architectural and construction inspection. And representatives of a range of household waste “Region-2001″ did not allow the investigative team to the site and prevented the violations”, – stated in the message.

JSC the Plant “Radical” (formerly Kiev factory of chemicals, “Plant № 1000”; “factory of mineral fertilizers”) — ceased in July 1996, the activities of the plant for the production of chemicals located in the Dnipro district of Kyiv. From 1996 to 1998, all production was stopped without complying with the relevant rules and perform the necessary routine maintenance, dangerous chemicals have been left at the enterprise in violation of laws and without protection. During the inspection of enterprises in 1998, it was found that 60 hectares of the plant was kept Crimea will receive 134.6 tons of mercury, 109 tons of sulfuric acid, 44 tons of mercury sludge, 62 MT of hydrochloric acid, 12.5 MT of ammonia and 2,500 tons of other waste.

In 2000, “Radikal” was declared bankrupt and started the procedure to eliminate it. By the end of March 2002 at the plant remained 117 tons of oleum, sulfuric 109 t and 62 t of hydrochloric acid, 44 t of mercury-containing sludge of 12.55 tons of ammonia, 486 tons of sludge Solarstone, 3192 kg of solid radioactive waste and 2,500 tons of other industrial waste and chemicals. Until may 2009, the plant was collected and removed 120 tons of mercury (however, the amount remaining in the soil of mercury is estimated at about 200 tons).