Command of naval forces of Ukraine said about the readiness of the fleet to counter possible provocations in Odessa on may holidays, including to use weapons in case of a threat of military installations and military personnel.

In the command of the Ukrainian Navy said that on the eve of may holidays and the third anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa House of trade unions in the city has increased the number of provocations, and the Russian special services allegedly deliberately trying to destabilize the situation in the region, according to “Russian conversation” .

In this regard, the military turned to the civilian population with the request to inform the law enforcement authorities and law enforcement agencies about suspicious persons and activity in the city, including the dislocation places of military facilities in order to prevent the repetition of mass riots in Odessa and sabotage against the armed forces of the country.

The command of the Ukrainian Navy also noted that the Ukrainian Navy has orders to use weapons if threatened military facilities and the life of a soldier.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” on Friday, arrived in Odessa a large number of armored vehicles, as well as additional forces of law enforcement and national guard to ensure law and order during the may holidays.