Saying that
special forces shot at civilians, Atambayev received
return “kick” in the form of letters from the state Committee of national security of the Kyrgyz
Republic. There claim that supporters of former head of state
hide behind women and children, reports “Russian conversation” with a link
the statement of the state Agency.

In the SCNS, I assure you
security forces did not use live bullets, only rubber, but the supporters
retired politician used weapons of war, and was severely beaten captive
commandos. Personally, Atambayev responded to the accusations, admitting that his defenders
there was no weapon, and only fired it:

“Trying not
get in guys,” said the ex-President.

Earlier it was
it is known that as a result of assault one person was killed, but the police chief in a coma.

the situation in Kyrgyzstan
expressed in the foreign Ministry.