8 Aug supporters of Almazbek Atambayev entered into a scuffle with security forces. The incident occurred in the village of Koy-Tash, where is located his residence, reports “Russian conversation”.

Today Thursday, the former Kyrgyz leader decided to surrender to the police. After that the police took him to Bishkek.

Eyewitnesses removed on video as Atambayev’s supporters wanted to prevent law enforcement officers to do so. The footage captured, as the locals throw stones and debris in the guards. As a result of police cordon was broken, and the militiamen were forced to retreat.

At the moment, Atambaev is in the building of the Kyrgyz interior Ministry. About one thousand supporters of the former President moved out of the village Koi-Tash in the capital. They travelled by private cars and minibuses.

As reported previously, Atambayev was allowed to hold after the third attempt to storm his residence. This operation was caught on video.

On the eve of the supporters of the policy captured some of the commandos and showed their captives.