In Austria are investigating the case of the imprisonment of Ukrainians

The employer suspected that the Ukrainians could be infected with coronavirus and closed them to the quarantine. Now they engaged the police.

The owner of the farm enterprise on processing of vegetables in Austria closed 15 seasonal workers from Ukraine in their places of residence, fearing that they are infected by the coronavirus and can infect other employees. On Wednesday, April 15, UKRINFORM reports with reference to the Austrian media.

It is noted that this information was confirmed by the Consul of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Austria Miroslav Zinkevich.

“Yes, this information was confirmed in conversation with me, Dr. Wolfgang Ecker, Director of the labour chamber of Upper Austria. According to him, the situation took place, and 15 seasonal workers from Ukraine was “quarantined”, as he put it, “dirty farmer”, – said the Consul.

According to Zinkevich, Ukrainians for help to the Ukrainian Embassy was not addressed.

The incident occurred at the enterprise on processing of vegetables in the district Linz-land. The owner of the farm decided to temporarily close the premises 15 seasonal workers from Ukraine, who, in his opinion, could be infected with coronavirus, but because there was a threat of infecting other workers. According to information provided by Ecker, 12 Ukrainians agreed to such a restriction of freedom of movement, but the other three were against it and therefore wrote a complaint on the farmer. As a result, a situation was connected to the land Department for the protection of workers.

Now the case is under the control of the Austrian authorities. The Prosecutor’s office of Linz is under investigation on suspicion of false imprisonment.

According to Austrian media, before it was a farm contractor in Linz-land has become the object of the inspection service for the protection of workers ‘ rights: then complaints related to working time – workers had to work 72 hours a week.

Miroslav Zinkevich said that the Embassy will continue to monitor the situation. Now she is under the control of the Austrian authorities.

Yesterday it was reported that the number of countries ready to send for Ukrainian migrant workers the Charter.

For example, Germany Charter will bring seasonal workers from Eastern Europe. It is planned to deliver to the country about 40 thousand employees.





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