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EKATERINBURG, February 12. /TASS./ The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region and “Yandex. Taxi” ahead of the world Cup 2018 signed an agreement providing for access to the service only to those car owners who have permits for the transportation. This was announced on Monday in Department of information policy of the region.

“The Minister of transport and road economy of Sverdlovsk region Vasily Starkov and chief operating office business in Russia “Yandex. Taxi” Alexey Sahovic-kanarovskaya signed a cooperation agreement in the field of transport by taxi. The document, in particular, provides that access to the service “Yandex. Taxi” will be available only to owners of cars that have permission to perform taxi transport”, – stated in the message .

It is noted that the regional Ministry of transport will provide the data on current permits, and, in turn, will periodically synchronize the data of users registered in the app as carriers, with lists of the Ministry. “If a person operating a motor vehicle, no permit will be lock mobile apps, and the driver does not receive an order. It is not about prohibition, and the legalization of carriers by making them register as individual entrepreneurs and issuance of permits for activities”, – explained TASS the Deputy Minister of transport and road economy of Sverdlovsk region Vladimir Gerasimenko.

He added that earlier access to the service received, all carriers, as data on registration and permits have not been inspected.

Five steps to legalization

According to Gerasimenko, the authorities hope thus to create the conditions for the withdrawal of the “shadow” of illegal operators. “We have a huge black market – according to various estimates, from 70 to 100 thousand such cars (not having the permission – approx. TASS) a day of leave in flight. We hope that we will be able to withdraw from the “shadow” about 50% of this sector is 1 billion rubles in tax revenues per year. As soon as they (the carriers – approx. TASS) receive permission for the transportation, they can move on dedicated lanes and leave the car on the official Parking lots”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that the service “Yandex. Taxi” will, in particular, to advise carriers on how to register as an individual entrepreneur, how to get permission. So, now, after opening the app, the driver sees the information block “Five steps to legalization”. “Then this time, a month and a half, for legalization, in breach of the start applock on receipt of the order. Our goal is to inform drivers, to help them,” said Gerasimenko.

To the agreement, he said, can join any taxi dispatching service. “Today, dispatchers no obligation to pass the order only legal carriers, such law does not exist. “Yandex. Taxi” now voluntarily assumed such a function, showing that it is ready to promote the legalization of the market”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Deputy Minister noted that as a result of the Sverdlovsk region should get “a completely different, a civilized market, where the carrier will ensure the safety of the [passengers]”. “This market will be competitive, legal and monitored by all Supervisory authorities”, – summed up Gerasimenko.

Voluntary accreditation for the 2018 world Cup

At the end of January 2018, the Minister of transport of Sverdlovsk region Vasily Starkov has signed the order according to which legal entities and individual businessmen can pass a voluntary accreditation for the world Cup in 2018.

To obtain this accreditation, the carrier must comply with certain requirements, among which: the lack of drivers deprived of driving license, fluency in the Russian language, the availability of mobile apps, possibility of cashless payment for the fare and track the cost of a trip, and a specific color of car is white, yellow or black. As previously explained Gerasimenko, accredited in the regional Ministry of transport carriers will be able to drive to a specific security zone, that is, as close as possible to a particular object.