Dmitry Kozlov

He was detained on 10 June, together with activists of “European Belarus”.

The YouTube blogger from Barani Dmitry Kozlov, known as the “Grey cat”, also became a defendant in a criminal case upon article 342 of the criminal code (Organization or active participation in group actions, grossly violating public order). He wrote to human rights activist Paul Levinau in his letter, according to HRC “Viasna”.

Dmitry Kozlov was detained June 10, along with the activists of “European Belarus” Artem Chernyak and Michael Bondarenko. The next day he was sentenced to 20 days of arrest and, accordingly, was supposed to be released June 30. Kozlov is in the detention center in Akrestsin street in Minsk.

Thus, 17 people are in custody in criminal proceedings under the article 342 of the criminal code. These are bloggers Sergei tikhanovski, Vladimir Neronski, Sergey Petrukhin, Alexander Kabanov, Vladimir Ciganovich, Dmitry Kozlov, Igor moosiedetained after the incident in Grodno Dmitry Furmanov, Virgil Usak, Artem Saks, Alexander aranovitch, Mr Naumik, Basil Bobrowski, Eugene Reznichenko, Mr Book, Andrei Novikov, the politician Mikalai Statkevich. 13 of them are recognized as political prisoners.