Tenerife authorities want to ban the tourists to build the tower of stones on the beaches of the island, because they harm the environment, according to the newspaper The Sun.

“Biologists claim that the pyramids of pebbles disrupt the ecosystem of the island. Conservationists propose to install posters reminding the impact of the construction of stone sculptures, as well as to introduce a ban on the legislative level”, – writes the edition.

According to the newspaper, tourists flock to pebble beach for photos. However, the local defenders of the environment are opposed to the erection of the pyramids, as some arthropods use a pebble as a shelter. “In addition, at the bottom of the rocks grow tiny algae that feed on crustaceans, reptiles, molluscs. When pebbles move continuously, the volume of the algae is reduced”, – quotes The Sun the words of the biologist Pedro Luis Sanchez.

The tradition to build the tower of stones was formed after a meditative event “Harmonic convergence” that took place in 1987. People gathered in sacred places in the world, such as the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, lake Baikal in Siberia, rock Uluru in Australia, Glastonbury in the UK, Machu Picchu in Peru, the volcano Haleakala in Hawaii and mount Shasta in the United States. “In the U.S. the participants gathered stones sculptures, and now tourists are trying to play it on the beaches of Tenerife”, – writes the edition.

According to the Director of the Foundation for the preservation of nature Telesforo Bravo Juan Coello Jaime Coello, the tourists are naive to think that the towers of pebbles is part of the local culture associated with pagan beliefs. “In Scotland or Peru these sculptures can be considered as ancient burial places, but in Spain that never was”, – stressed the expert.

According to The Sun, now the local volunteers and the Foundation staff is constantly forced to bring the beaches back in order.