The Island Of Mallorca



Photo: from open sources

World news: This is the first such decision of the local authorities in Spain.

The Spanish resort town of Palma, Mallorca from June banned the apartment owners to rent housing to rent to tourists.

As transfers Bi-bi-si, according to the Spanish newspaper El País, from 11 thousand apartments for rent to tourists in Palma, only 645 have the required license.

The local population is growing unhappy due to tourism prices. It is reported that in 2013 rents in Palma increased by 40%.

In 2017, the palm has banned the advertisement of unlicensed apartments. Violation of this rule was threatened with heavy fines. Barcelona have also introduced similar restrictions.

The President of Federation of communities in Palms Joan Fortes welcomed the decision of the local authorities, the adoption of which was preceded by a petition with 6 million signatures, according to the newspaper Diario de Mallorca .

Opponents of this decision claim that it will affect the income of many families of townspeople.

As previously reported, earlier, the authorities of Palma for the summer season decided to limit the sale of alcohol. Last year, Spain set a record in number of tourists, it was visited by 82 million people. The most popular Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.