The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov is planning in 2018 to finish the changes to the criminal police and create a new state system of the helicopter rescue service.

“For me as a Minister in 2018 – many specific tasks ranging from changes in the criminal police and full, 100% implementation of the doctrine of service centers is MREO – before (it innovation) of a new state system for helicopter rescue and response to emergency situations”, – the Minister told the weekly “Zerkalo Nedeli. Ukraine”, answering the question “What is the main problem to be solved in the next 12 months? What miracle do we expect from the Year of the dog?”

As for the miracle in the new year, the Minister described it this way: “I turn on the TV, and there – my President delivers new year’s address and spoke about the need for constitutional change and elimination of the dualism of power as the basis for the dysfunction of governance and corruption risks.. . I would Very much like such a miracle.”

A. Avakov said that on the eve of presidential and parliamentary elections to be held in Ukraine in 2019, “the window of opportunity and common strategies closed”.

“While there is time, it is important not to miss the chance and realize the real potential of the country’s development strategy through the consolidation of the Ukrainian people with drive and the Ukrainian elite. We can once again change the chance for personal projects and ambitions. I wish every man in his place did what I must, no matter how difficult,” – said the Minister.