A group of tourists consisting of nine persons from Novosibirsk was in an avalanche on the South-Chuyskiy ridge. In the area where there was an emergency, no communications, so the two surviving girls have been able to report of the tragedy on may 8, reports “Russian conversation”.

Now rescuers on the helicopter fly to the scene from Gorno-Altaisk.

Natalia Antonova and Ekaterina Polyanskaya survived the disaster and were able to get to the nearest village Kosh-Agach, where he spoke about the incident.

It is known that the group was chaired by an experienced climber from Novosibirsk. Online in his blog posted photos from the various hikes.

This is their last joint photo taken on may 1. Stated in the caption that tourists are going to the hike after spending the night.

Earlier it was reported that in the Crimea came down a huge avalanche that blocked the top of AI-Petri more than 100 cars with tourists. And in Khabarovsk region in an avalanche covered the ten people. In the Internet appeared the video of the deadly element.