The total amount of taxes paid by companies “AXA Insurance” and “AXA Life Insurance” in 2018, amounted to more than 153,8 million, according to a press release of the insurer.

According to the press service, “AXA Insurance” paid 147,15 million UAH, “AXA Life Insurance” – of 6.65 million.

“AXA Insurance” for 11 years, is the largest taxpayer in the insurance market, we have a zero tolerance to tax optimization, we always pay all the taxes and fees. So, if you compare us paid taxes to the average performance of the market, the level of our tax burden is not on tens percent, and in times”, – the press service quoted Chairman of the Board Andrew constriction.

According to the report of the insurer, in 2018 the volume of insurance payments in Ukraine increased by UAH 6 billion, compared with 2017 (to 49.4 vs 43.4 billion UAH), and with it increased the amount of taxes paid by insurance companies that pay 3% tax on the total income. The 10 largest insurance companies paid to the budget of Ukraine UAH 850 million in 2018.