A terrible murder happened in Nakhimov district of Sevastopol. According to preliminary information, the quarrel happened because of a minor reason, but ended in tragedy.

According to “Russian conversation”, the staff of the regional SK tell you that yesterday, June 18, in Nakhimov district of the city 50-year-old son quarreled with his 79-year-old mother.

A man in the heat of quarrel on slight occasion grabbed a hammer and started to put his mother’s blows to the head.

He stopped when struck at least eight shots. From the received wounds the woman has died on the spot. In respect of 50-year-old son opened a criminal case under article “Murder”.

Investigators say that man has managed to interrogate. He will undergo a number of examinations that will determine his sanity .

The consequence intends to leave in court with the petition about election of a measure of restraint for the 50-year-old Sevastopol, a suspect in the murder of his mother, in the form of detention.