NEW YORK, may 1. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. Heavy rainfall, storms and tornadoes struck this past weekend in the States of Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The number of victims of the disaster increased Sunday to seven people.

More of the other areas affected Eastern Texas, where last night a tornado claimed the lives of four people, injuries and disabilities got about 50. The tornado literally demolished everything in its path with a total length of 56 km and a width of 24 km. “the Damage is enormous. The picture of the disaster at the least heartbreaking and sad,” said Sunday at a press conference Lou Ann Everett, the mayor of the town of Canton, located 80 km East of Dallas.

Operation on liquidation of consequences of disasters in this area had to be suspended because of bad weather, said the head of the Executive branch, in the County of van Zandt (Texas) don Kirkpatrick . “We, along with the rescuers will try to continue the work and inform the population in case of the emergence of new tornado” – he promised.

From Arkansas came the news of the death of the woman. Her house collapsed tree, unable to withstand the pressure of the wind. Another man died in Central Mississippi, the circumstances of the tragedy were not disclosed.

As previously reported, one person was a victim of flooding that followed heavy rains in Missouri. There, and in Oklahoma precipitation resulted in the flooding of lowlands, breakages of transmission lines and violation of the movement of ground transportation. In these States, the state of emergency.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens on Saturday visited the disaster area. “I ask all residents of Missouri to pray for the welfare of those who suffered from the stormy weather last night. Families across the state were caught off guard by the rains and the destructive power of winds, the speed of which was made up of 67.9 meters per second, especially in a number of cities in the West of the state,” he said.