Photo: balloon

As a result, the ball landed safely. None of the eleven people who were in the basket, was not injured.

In Egypt, a strong wind blew the balloon with tourists in the mountains, reported the Egyptian Ministry of civil aviation.

The incident occurred on the morning of 20 June. The balloon was 11 people, they rose into the air above the ancient temples near the city of Luxor on the East of the country.

At some point the ball was picked up by air currents and carried away in the mountainous terrain. In the basket were five people from China, four from India, one British and one Egyptian pilot.

As a result, the balloon landed safely, the rescuers during the search operation found the missing tourists. No one was hurt.

We will remind, earlier in the Crimea the child was carried away in a balloon. Last year in Germany the balloon ran into power lines.

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