Band Gorillaz


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Culture news: Artists managed to sing a few songs, then left the scene.

Immediately after the speech in Kiev, the musicians of the popular band Gorillaz went to the capital of Russia, where they were waited by admirers.

Park Live Festival in Moscow became one of the most anticipated events for the Russian fans, because the headliners of the show were the popular group Gorillaz. However, the long-awaited speech by the British zavershili prematurely.

The cause of this unexpected ending of the concert was the storm that the evening only intensified. First, the artists did not pay attention to weather conditions and continued to sing, but when the powerful shower was threatening people, the festival organizers stopped a social event.

To everyone at Park Live Festival: We are are gutted at being stopped from playing by the storm.. it’s beyond our control.. your safety must always come first .

— gorillaz (@gorillaz) 28 Jul 2018

The premature end of his speech, commented on and the singers of the group Gorillaz. Singers wrote a message to his fans on Twitter.

“It’s a shame that the storm stopped our performance. We can’t control the elements. Your safety should always be in the first place,” wrote the band Gorillaz.