The producer gave his comments about modern show business, and told about his attitude to European competition.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Bari recently open up and talked about how he sees the modern stage. According to celebrity, now in the Russian show-business there is no one who could repeat the success of the group “on-On”. It should be noted that the group was really popular a large number of years, and it was shot a few pictures.

Alibasov also compared the “Eurovision”, which this year will be held in Kiev, going to a restaurant. Like many representatives of Russian show business, the producer does not believe the need to send a participant from Russia in order to participate in a politicized contest.

Bari believes that modern pop music set a goal of not creating a quality product and the development of creativity and a large amount of money, which you can get for concerts . A large part of the groups and solo artists, according to the producer, is now simply “commercial”, that is profit-oriented.