Vasily Vakulenko (aka Basta, Noggano, N1NT3NDO, and in the past even Basta and Basta Hryu, Bastilia) threw last weekend for three concerts. To philosophize slyly did not and didn’t even bother to compose an original name. The only reason for such a scenic expanse was the birthday of the artist. On posters was listed simply as “special live program”. While conceptually down and seemingly relaxed fans flocked to performances of favorite, like bees to honey.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The audience at Basil the motley. Ladies and respectable gentlemen who, apparently, fell under the influence of hip-hop romance in his youth, and now happy nostalgic about this, sitting in the stands, the audience of 30 and below, inspired by teenagers, fun and sweet couple was lit on the dance floor. At first glance it might seem odd that the characters in the typical rap outfit were not so much. But it is justified by the work Vakulenko . Although one of his fighters, the musician repeats, like a mantra, “I choose rap”, it changes favorite genre right and left. The performance began with a fairly aggressive rock prelude. Here you and hard drum beat with a straight barrel, and catchy guitar riffs, in General a complete rock-n-roll. The one who came on the show Basta for the first time, was able to slip serious doubts “as to whether I’m on a hip-hop concert?” Strengthened Vakulenko, on reaching the platform, sang “I look to the sky”, which became the soundtrack to the film by Sergei Solovyov “Ke-dy” 2016. It’s not hip hop, more reggae, which are organically intertwined the elements of the recitative. After the first swallow has sounded the second, and also in an unexpected format — a cover of the song “Kalinov bridge” the “Native”, performed by Basta with a very original vocal flow reminiscent of a Georgian folk tunes. Although at some point, Basil seemed to woke up and began to read the harsh recitatives, in different pieces of music and hear elements of other styles — not just rock, but also soul, funk, chanson, ethnic.

Interestingly, Vakulenko fails gracefully enough to connect the seemingly unconnected, to put the puzzle of these items, which are difficult to represent parts of one whole. However, to do this he tried for a long time and still being an active participant in Rostov’s famous rap movement, tried to develop in the direction different from the one in which I grew up colleagues, more melodic and lyrical. At Basta rich history, which has always been a place for experiment. In 1997, he was a member of the team “Psiholirik”, which is then transformed into a “Caste”. One of the most important he considers the song “My game”, written in 18 years, after which inner feelings, woke up famous, and started to actively promote his work, to travel around cities and villages with concerts. Basil says that while he has performed at various venues and in front of thousands of people and small clubs. This was followed by a period of calm, which could result in the absolute oblivion, if the artist in 2002 he moved to Moscow and its a demo I wouldn’t have heard of Bogdan Titomir, which resulted at that time a young talent in creative Association Gazgolder. Since then, the flywheel began to rotate with a greater and greater speed. Clip “Autumn” song from the debut album “Basta 1” has got in active rotation on TV and participating in video Centr “City of roads” helped to consolidate the success and to achieve even more mass popularity. Then there was an impressive amount of records, bright duets, and joint projects with other musicians. Today it can be seen in the role of mentor in the show “the Voice”… and even to hear in the Navigator for cars (not so long ago I was offered to voice one of these programs). Fans singing almost every song at the concert, and if subside, Basta threatens them (lovingly, of course): “If you behave, I’ll upload a very quiet music for adults”. The room explodes again. It remains only to recall the legendary words of Freddie mercury “show must go on”.