“BAYADERA Group”, one of the largest alcohol companies in the Ukrainian market, in January-may 2017 increased export sales by 19% compared to the same period of 2016 – up to 200 thousand dal.

According to a press release, the company said on Thursday sales in the areas of Duty Free has doubled.

During this period the company entered new export markets, including Taiwan, New Zealand, Uzbekistan and Mauritius.

“In the nearest plans – active promotion on the markets of Asia and the United States. This applies to both existing brands and the launch of a special under individual countries. It’s not just about vodka, but about other types of alcohol, as we have gained immense expertise in brand creation and production not only in Ukraine, but also on partner sites,” the report cited the Director of the Department of export Konstantin Pilipchuk.

Today the products of “BAYADERA Group” is represented in more than 40 countries .

“BAYADERA Group” established in 1991, it was owned by Natalia Bondareva and Sviatoslav Nechytailo. The company unites core assets in the alcohol industry – distributorsa of the company and own production of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine and Belarus, wines, vermouths and brandies, and is the exclusive importer of world alcoholic brands in Ukraine.

Main trademarks: “Dar”, “Kozatska Rada”, “Persha Glide”, “Celsius”, “Quail”, Koblevo, Marengo, etc.