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American journal compared the limousines of presidents of Russia and the United States. Car of head of the White house is the Cadillac based on the tank, “the competitor” from the Kremlin, little is known.

Presidents Donald trump and Vladimir Putin share a love for high-class limousines, writes the American edition of Newsweek.

The project Motorcade Putin spent $ 192 million, says the magazine. In a bulletproof car is equipped with a 6.6-liter engine produces 860 horsepower.

He was named Aurus which is composed of two words – the Latin word “aurum” which means gold, and “rus”, Russia.

Car Aurus is very reminiscent of British luxury limousines Rolls Royce Phantomи Rolls Royce Ghost, however, it is reported that participation in the development of the limousine was developed by German company Porsche and Robert Bosch.

Limousine Putin . What is known about the state projects a Tuple

The publication notes that the Aurus is undoubtedly equipped with a host of new technologies for communication and protection, however the effectiveness of these tools hardly outperform the older, but very powerful car, which drives trump.

Trump inherited this car, called the Beast (Beast), from his predecessor, President Barack Obama, who received it in 2009.

This limousine company General Motors was created from scratch with the support of experts from the secret services and from the regular GM models it is distinguished by glass with a thickness of 12.5 centimeters and a door thickness of 20 cm.

During his speech in one of the episodes of the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Obama announced the host Jerry Seinfeld that the Beast is “Cadillac, created on the basis of the tank”.

Limousine President of the United States in China /

The beast made of steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics and has blinds of fiberglass Windows. Its fuel tank can not explode due to a special foam.

The body of this car will also protect against chemical attacks, while its steel wheels are made in such a way that the car will continue moving, even if it is a Kevlar tire will be damaged.

No wonder the secret service brought this car in Asia during a recent visit to trump in this region, the newspaper notes.

The limousine of the President /

In 2013, the media reported that Obama’s car was equipped with medical equipment and medicines, including blood group and rhesus President, as well as other equipment such as night vision devices and its own operations.

In addition, the Beast, which weighs 7.5 tons, is heavier than Aurus, which, according to some, weighs six tons.

It is unknown whether the improved trump car of its predecessor, but last year the magazine Carbuzz appropriated to the limo Putin the award for stylishness.

The back of the limo Putin

However, Russia hardly will long remain in the front of the publication. In April reported by the Fox News channel, the new version of the Beast may appear already this summer.

Although the new luxury trump yet, very little is known, it is the result of a contract for 15.8 million dollars and, according to some estimates, exceeds its predecessor in many characteristics.

Last fall, this model is covered with a cover camouflage color, were seen near the test field of GM in Michigan.

New luxury trump

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