Gamzat Hiramagomedov

MMA Union of Russia announced a lifetime disqualification brothers Hajimurad and gamze Hiremagalur. They are punished for the attack on the Deputy head of the Union of Radmir Gabdullin. The head of the organization Fedor Emelianenko

Monday, may 29, held an extraordinary meeting of the Presidium of the Union of MMA Russia, which made the decision on lifelong disqualification and removal of Hiremagalur from competitions held under the auspices of the Union. Also the Union requires dismissal of Gamzat Hermalopezw from the position of the athlete-instructor of the fgbi “Centre of athletic training teams of Russia”. About it reports a press-service of the Union.

The incident with the beating of Deputy Fedor Emelianenko happened after one of the tournaments, which was held in Astana in mid-may .
After the next tournament Fight Nights held in the capital of Kazakhstan on may 20, brothers Hermalopezw dissatisfied with the work of judges, came in the room to Gabdullin and struck him several blows.

Hajimurad of Hiramagomedov was unhappy with the refereeing in the match against George Kichigina. He came into the room Gabdullin together with his brother Hamzat and after discussion of the battle caused Gabdullin punch in the face. Vice-President of the MMA Union of Russia received a double fracture of the jaw and a concussion. Gabdullin refused to write the application in police, however, was made the administrative Protocol, both fighters fined in the amount of 20 thousand tenge (over 4 thousand). On arrival in Moscow Gabdullin was urgently hospitalized.