Governor of Nizhny Novgorod, Gleb Nikitin said that
the explosion in Dzerzhinsk has affected 84 people, 15 of them were hospitalized with
injuries of moderate severity and one in serious condition, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

“Threat of life”, – he stressed.

The head of the region urged not to panic about
buildings that suffered damage. Yes their number is large – 70 kindergartens and
31 school, but there is only broken glass, the task is to insert them delivered and will be performed
during the day.

The official did not rule out the fact that the number of victims could
grow. According to him, the main injuries of mild and moderate domestic nature, cuts splinters
glass, which was shattered by the shock wave.

Recall reports of explosions at the scientific research Institute “Kristall” entered
closer to noon. First reported 15 victims received shrapnel wounds. Later it
the figure increased to 27, it became known about the collapse of the building Department. In the future
the number of victims only grew.