Odious Diana Shurygina, “glory” which is growing every day more, hit the lens of the camera during a smoke break. While remaining near to the father of a 17-year-old girl – Alex.

Father and daughter in this way relieve tension breaks
between fierce battles with the guests “Let them talk” in “Ostankino”.
Recall that Shurygina became the heroine is already four editions of the program. In them, she
complain about how cruel the world is and how the villains of her friends, allegedly raped Diana.

As reported, “Russian conversation” earlier, one of the companies, whose name is kept secret, invited Diana to be the face of the brand. Internet memes with Shurygino will be placed on clothing, mugs and other household items produced by the company. Employees stated that the money received from the sale of these Souvenirs will be given to the victims as financial assistance .

Recall also that the Network is rapidly gaining popularity videopedia on Shurygina and host of the show “Let them talk” Andrey Malakhov. A parody done in the style of the acclaimed film “50 shades of grey”.