Alexander Malkevich said July 6 that in Libya the local authorities had detained two Russians. It is reported by TASS, reports “Russian conversation”.

The research team consisted of three members, all of whom have Russian passports. According to the Malkevich, was detained Maxim Shugaley and Samer Hassan Ali, the latter also has Jordanian citizenship. The third officer of the Fund returned safely home.

Now the detained Russian citizens are in prison Mitiga located in the suburbs of Tripoli. They are accused of alleged interference in Libyan elections. The details of the incident are specified.

Malkevich has rejected accusations of the authorities of Libya and stressed that the Foundation staff was only there to observe election processes. Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of foreign Affairs support along with help.

The first reports about the detention of Russians appeared the day before, on Friday. Then, the foreign Ministry said that Moscow had not received from Tripoli, the official information about them.

A few days earlier at the airport in the Mexican city of Cancun, was arrested a group of Russians. The Russian Embassy told about the claims against them by the migration service.