According to Karimov, Kadyrov did not follow developments in this situation.

“If someone has something mounted, and Zelensky has no relation to it and apologized, it is normal for any person” — quoted Karimov

Earlier in an episode of “95 Quarter” as a joke to send “ЧистоNews” was shown footage of a crying Kadyrov. In Comedy shows was served up like Kadyrov crying because of the demolition of the Lenin monument in Kharkiv. Actually the video was taken from the funeral of the father of the head of Chechnya.

The resonance has risen due to the fact that this footage may offend the religious feelings of Muslims. Zelensky led the transfer, but later stated that in fact, the Assembly was made without him. The newly elected President also apologized to the head of Chechnya and the Muslim world.

Earlier, Kadyrov called the victory Zelensky at the election of the President of Ukraine “event of the year”.