The decision of the Council of the European Union regarding the extension of the validity period of the sanctions list, where are the names of some Russians and Ukrainians refers to the action until 15 September 2017.

According to “Russian conversation”, whose documentation is published in the Official journal of the EU.

“The Council extended for six months, the validity of individual sanctions against individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine responsible for destabilizing the situation in Ukraine”, – reported in the decree.

It is worth Recalling that in the sanctions list of the EU was at least one hundred and fifty persons, among whom there are representatives of the governing structures of Russia and the leaders of the breakaway republics of Donbass, which was formed in the spring of 2014 .

Not so long ago removed from the list the names of the former Chairman of the Council of Ministers LNR Gennady Tsepkalo and the commander of the militia DND Arsen “Motorola” Pavlov, because of their death.

In the EU list are names 37 organizations, most of which represent the military authorities of the republics, and European business has no rights at building relationships with their representatives. None of the sanctions list cannot visit the EU and his assets can be frozen in case of detection.

Previously, “Russian conversation” was told that the Council of the EU adopted a decision to extend the number of personal sanctions on Monday, March 13. The list contains the people to which Brussels refers to as responsible for undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine.