The Russian Federation was not the only country that has blocked a resolution of the UN Security Council imposing restrictive measures against the Syrian government for alleged use of chemical weapons.

Moscow’s position was supported by China, according to “Russian conversation”.

The document received the required adoption of nine votes, so Moscow and Beijing have been forced to use its veto.

In addition to Russia and China, against a resolution in favor of Bolivia, while Kazakhstan, Egypt and Ethiopia abstained.

The document, developed by the UK and France, called for the introduction of restrictive measures against Damascus, because the Syrian government allegedly used chemical weapons. Presumably, the containers with chlorine were dropped from military helicopters.

Moscow and Beijing found unconvincing the Commission’s findings, the UN and the OPCW .

Meanwhile, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his visit to Kyrgyzstan, said that Moscow would not support the introduction of any sanctions against Syria, because this would adversely affect the negotiation process on settlement of the Syrian crisis.