This statement was made by the party created by Alibasov group “on-On” Vladimir Politov, reports “Russian conversation”.

“He wanted to drink, but no score very poor vision. Well
age already, his eyesight is bad. There is a bottle of orange. He thought
what is the juice. Took it and sipped it”, — he explained.

Also ex-member “on-On” Vladimir Levkin said,
what Alibasov own I laid some pipe and put beside him two glasses.
“Bari is a creative person, fascinated. Grabbed a glass, and sipped at
mistake”, he added

In addition to this, Levkin noted that the musician gets drunk “to
hell” to just mix up a glass of juice and himsically.

Earlier, the judge said
what would it mean for Alibasov tragic case due to drinking drain cleaner.

Also the representative
musician called the shocking consequences of poisoning by chemicals to the health