Estonian border guards because of the bee danger had to redirect the flow of pedestrians moving from the Estonian Narva and Russian Ivangorod and back on the bridge “Friendship”.

“On the border, where pedestrians walk, on one of the pillars hangs a huge swarm of wasps. Be careful when crossing the border,” – wrote in “Facebook” by one of the members of the group, covering news at the border.

Press Secretary of the Department of police and border guard Board Leana Loyd in the local newspaper “North coast” confirmed, referring to the administration of the Narva border check that the problem really exists. However, she said that we are not talking about wasps and bees.

Now the enterprise “State property” through the Department of environment is looking for a beekeeper to remove the bees from the post on the border.

While bees from the bridge is not removed, pedestrians will be redirected to a detour on another route.