Photo: CfA/M. Weiss

There is evidence that the modern universe was formed after the collapse of a “previous” universe.

American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania proved that before our Universe there was something else. This was reported in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

Scientists say that the theory of General relativity can not explain the uneven distribution of galaxies and dark matter in the Universe.

According to an alternative hypothesis of the Big bounce, our expanding universe originated from a super dense mass of some previous phase of the universe.

Astronomers have traced the origin of the structure of the Universe to the smallest heterogeneities. They are fixed on the background of relic cosmic radiation that occurred when the Universe was only 380 thousand years.

This radiation has three major deviations from the “characteristics” of classical physics.

At the University of Pennsylvania have developed a cosmological paradigm called loop quantum cosmology. According to her, all the modern space structures can be explained by quantum fluctuations of space-time.

Loop quantum cosmology can explain the two main anomalies of the CMB.

Its heterogeneity allegedly are the result of unavoidable quantum fluctuations in the early Universe. Under the influence of gravity they stretched during the accelerated phase of expansion of the Universe, reflected in the observed inhomogeneities.

To confirm the findings of researchers can a new satellite missions LiteBIRD and Cosmic Origins Explorer, which aim to detect traces of primary gravitational waves on the background of relict radiation.

Earlier it was reported that a new discovery has cast doubt on all knowledge about the Universe. Also the Correspondent wrote that on Mars recorded “impossible” phenomenon.

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