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Sports news: Buy a collectible coin for the 2018 world Cup will be for 10 euro s.

To start the 2018 world Cup in Belgium to honour the national football team has released coins of 2.5 Euro. The coin is slightly smaller than dahabraha made of gold and is legal tender throughout the country.

On one side of the coin deposited a map of the European Union, the name of the Kingdom on three national languages and the denomination, and flaunts the emblem of the Royal Belgian football Association, is surrounded by a nickname the team the “Red devils” in four languages and a famous Trident.

The coin is minted in Utrecht, the Royal Dutch mint. It is planned to produce 500 thousand copies of the coins that will be shipped in special boxes with a picture of the players. The cost of one coin is 10 Euro.

“These coins represent a significant attachment of the population to our players,” said Gerard Linard, President of the football Association. – “I hope they will bring us luck at the world Championships in Russia.”

The Belgian team has not yet decided on a world Cup bid, but submitted the form for the 2018 world Cup. The set is made in traditional team color red with a yellow triangular ornament on the chest.

The 2018 world Cup will be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July. The Belgian team will play in one group with Panama, Tunisia and Britain.