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Moscow, June 9, 2018, the registration of participants at the International industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2018. The opening ceremony will be held on the evening of 8 July in the Cinema theatre “Space”. This year the organizers promise to surprise the audience a bright new multimedia show. The details were not disclosed until the presentation, but we know that to create music for the show worked well-known contemporary composer, founder of the record label Roomtone Records Misha Mishchenko. Specially for the EXHIBITION was written by a dramatic music track in the spirit of modern classics with the use of classical instruments and industrial motifs.

The main objective of the show is to reveal the theme of INNOPROM-2018 — “Digital manufacturing”.

Natalia Kolesnikova, creative Director of the Russian part of the show as part of the opening ceremony of the INNOPROM-2018: “Manufacturing is entering a new phase — reprovisioned . We had similar production and orchestra — when the conductor connects his actions sound different parties together — receiving something coherent and effective, effective. Also, the figure combines the sound of different industrial instruments together giving rise to a product of a new quality, factory new levels and as music became digital, it allowed the classics sound new fresh and original. And figure in the production of outputs production to a new level — quality, speed and efficiency”.

The opening ceremony will continue the program of the partner country of INNOPROM-2018 of the Republic of Korea, which will present traditional music of his culture. The new wave ensemble Noreum Machi will present national music of Korea with a modern twist. The musicians play on traditional instruments: depense (wooden oboe), Nabal (horn), nagak (horn of a sea shell), kkwaenggwari (brass Gong) and Ching (copper Gong).

Working days of the exhibition begins the 9th of July. Opening hours: http://www.innoprom.com/for-visitors/useful-information/

Entrance for visitors in the first two days of the exhibition will be paid. The second two days of INNOPROM (11,12 July) entrance to the exhibition is free with registration on the exhibition website. Read more about the registration rules can be found at this link: http://www.innoprom.com/registration/

For reference

International industrial exhibition INNOPROM is held annually in Yekaterinburg since 2010. In 2012, the Russian Government has awarded the main industrial, trade and export platform in Russia’s Federal status. In the EXHIBITION take part more than 600 companies from 105 countries. For 4 days INNOPROM-2017, the exhibition was visited by over 50,000 visitors, over 60% of them — professional audience. The exhibition brings together all the world leaders industry. Their national pavilions are Italy, Germany, India, Japan, etc. countries. In 2017 in the framework of INNOPROM was first launched buyer’s national program for the development of industrial exports IndEx. The programme in Yekaterinburg came 200 delegates — professional purchasers of industrial products.

The organizer of the EXHIBITION is the Ministry of industry and trade of the R. F. the Operator — the company “Business Event” (http://business-event.com/ru/), a member of the Group of companies “Formika” (http://formika.ru/).

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