President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the country intends to buy oil outside of Russia at world prices and to analyze the profitability of production of petroleum products from it.

“We need to practice to see what it (alternative Russian oil imports – if) will result. And so the brothers from the East are afraid that it will be very expensive. We are also not believing, not trying to think that we can’t handle. Therefore the decision to purchase, be it Azeri, Saudi, Norwegian, American, – no matter what, oil, at world prices,” – said Lukashenko at a meeting with government on Tuesday. President quotes the state Agency BelTA.

According to Lukashenko, the key criterion of whether or not to continue imports of oil from alternative RF sources remains the profitability of exports of oil products. According to him, this should “put to our refineries and get oil from this oil (purchased at world prices – if), that is from alternative sources, of course, not excluding our main supplier – the Russian Federation.”

He stressed that the most important issue is the sale of petroleum products from refined oil. “We must now consider the question of how and who we sell. How do we arrange the sale of finished petroleum products. This is a very important issue today and we should in this difficult situation to obtain the corresponding effect. The increase in export sales of oil products produced by our factories is a great resource,” says the President.

Thus he demanded from the government to provide a positive refining margins. Noting the deterioration in external economic conditions Lukashenko, addressing the government, stated: “But I already told you: these arguments I even to take into account not want. There is no war. In the world of the sea. There are heads of corporations, the government Deputy Prime Minister, heads of factories – solve the issues. Can’t – go”.

However, he warned the meeting about personal responsibility for all the suggestions. “Even if the post will not remain, will head to answer for the decisions taken. Therefore, no personal preferences, interests – only state. We do not invent space, not new space vehicles. The whole world works a lot of examples. Take any one of them and let us act,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the concern “Belneftekhim” Andrei Rybakov at the meeting noted that for the domestic market of Belarus would be enough 80% of loading a single refinery. The country exports about 70% of all produced petroleum products (10-11 million tons per year if).

As reported, during the meeting, Lukashenko said that the import of oil from Russia is to be reduced to 40% of the needs of the Republic. “Indeed, now in full there is no alternative to Russian oil supplies. But, as we agreed, we need to diversify. Have to go to the fact that 30-40% we will buy oil in the Russian Federation. 30 percent we have from the Baltic to import and 30 percent through Ukraine – a proven way already,” – said Lukashenko.