Nikita Naumov

Ex-player of Vitebsk spoke about the situation in the city in connection with the coronavirus.

The defender of “Zhetysu”, the ex-player “Vitebsk” Nikita Naumov in his interview spoke about the situation in the city in connection with the situation with coronavirus.

– How did the situation in Taldykorgan?

In comparison, for example, with what is happening in my hometown of Vitebsk, here the situation is better. In Vitebsk, in General, is now in trouble. From unofficial sources inform that there is a horror of what is happening. Just one that’s not publicly disclosed. And in Taldykorgan already made the right steps. More than two weeks the situation is this: from the city you can not leave, no masks in public places appear undesirable. Moreover, even in the shop not you come, if you had no mask.

We went to the store with the goalkeeper and he didn’t bring a mask. Rode, laughing in the car. He came, he said, “Well, now laugh”. I mean? We go to the store, and since he was without a mask, he was immediately asked to leave the premises. That is, everywhere there are people that control the execution of all instructions. There’s been people in camouflage and treat streets, a variety of objects. Goes machine and pours disinfectant of the road. Here such situation, – said Naumov.