Photo from instagram Olga Nemkovitch ..

Olga Nemkovitch .. spoke about the work of a nurse anaesthetist in the 10th city clinical hospital.

Regbistka the national team of Belarus Olga Nemkovitch .. told on the work of a nurse anaesthetist in the 10th city clinical hospital.

“At the moment at home only have time to sleep. No other strength remains. Our hospital gradually have shifted to the infectious diseases. Work for many, and no one, not even the nurses can’t say what will happen tomorrow or next week.

In the intensive care unit has traditionally worked a lot of students from the medical University. And due to the fact that the whole Dorm Manakin was closed for quarantine, additional burden was placed on us.

The change transferred harder because we are now working in other ammunition. It quickly becomes hot, uncomfortable, the body sweats. Plus, of course, there is fear. Albeit minimal, but it is. And fear not to get infected and to infect others. Still you have to use public transport when there is no his car. But I wear two masks, constantly treated with antiseptic hand and try not to touch surfaces.

No one ever really knows what to expect from this virus. But in our forces to protect themselves. Now just not worth it to go to public places, crowded hypermarkets, palm Sunday. I don’t understand why people read the news and not afraid of the number of infected and patients.

And the hardest thing was to explain the seriousness of what is happening to the older generation. Here I go to the store in a mask and surprised to see my grandmother, who thinks: “my God! Well, well, we all survived. And this, too, will survive”. To many hard to get ahold of. It seems that remains only the handle to take to the NICU and show them how it is bad,” said Nemkovitch…