Stay physically active is important, even during isolation. shares a selection of videos from the Belarusians that show how you can train together during isolation.

Workout with kids

Coach recreational gymnastics family Studio “Aura” Anna Kulik warns that if you have never worked with children, initially, this may seem too difficult.

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🤸♀App 🤸♂this is a set of simple home exercises that you can do for both children and adults! 👨👩👧👦 Complex prepared by our coach in recreational gymnastics for children – Anna. 🔸Don’t forget to do a warm-up! 🔸Jogging in place or around the apartment (it is possible to arrange catch-up). 🔸Joint squats. You can arrange a competition 😄. For example, dad! 🔸Option for press with toddlers and older children! . 🏋I ♂I strengthen your body! 🌿All health! 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 Lay out their sessions with us marked @aura_family_yoga the Most active are in for a surprise! 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 For questions Ani write in direct! 📆

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The obstacle course!🤸♂ I🤸♀ app . Classes in gymnastics is the favorite of all children! It is possible to organize the house. . Here, of course, important in Your imagination in the building. But not least the competitive moment. If You have multiple children, they will have fun without You. But if one child, then join the passing lanes with him.👨👩👧👦 . So, our band consists of 🔸of the track you want to run the snake. Here you can use any materials at hand, preferably a high: plastic bottles, jars, large candles; 🔸rolling pin (you can wrap in cling film or package) is great for the prevention and correction of flatfoot; 🔸to pull the rope/the rope/strap between the chairs or stools to crawl underneath or step over it; 🔸tunnel can be made of pillows, 🔸tunnel of blankets draped between the sofa and chairs or a bucket or a stack of pillows; 🔸imitation of the rope on the floor of the rope/strap. . More traffic and activity – more energy! 🌠

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— Must submit exercises in the form of games. To start, bring a good mood and cheerful music, and a desire to spend time in the game (not to include the video and leave the child with the screen of the gadget). During training, organize competitions, for example, who will perform “Romeo” is better, who will jump on one leg — it motivates the child to carefully approach the process. Ask him to be your coach: it is important for children when parents trust them.

It is not necessary to turn your home exercises in the assignment and encourage your child to do the exercises or the entire complex that you’re up to, if he wants. First, you can only run what you like baby, gradually adding something new. Do some exercise, but once the baby has passed the desire — don’t, because the second part of the exercise, you can move it to another time.

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Train together💪 #Minsk #treneruemsya #domashneeporno #workout #press #myvote #mydoma #of trenirovkami #maasport #Sportivnaya #of Sportivnaya @sport.belarus

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Training in pairs

Personal trainer Anastasia Galeeva shared in his Instagram with a series of paired training. The girl notes that for such studies it is important to choose exercises that will be fun to do two. It is important that the load was roughly the same for partners. To think and to plan training Anastasia recommends together. Alternatively, the training plan can include a competitive element to each exercises as efficiently as possible.

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Break the vicious circle of the daily energy like a sloth 🦥 and get a great fat burning intense workout🔥Keep yourself and celebrate with us @nikita_yundov in their videos ⠀ execution Mode: each move to start at every moment ⠀ 5 rounds (25minutes) 1. rock climber 2. squats 3. burpee 4. pushups or pushups from the knees 5. The rest Cheat on this exercise under yourself if you need to have this options: 1) Do exercises for 45 seconds and rest 15 every minute. 2) if you want more fun, take a minute rest and do another round (24 minutes) ⠀ Write in if you need a Direct link to easy timer for your phone. It is the way you praise and encourage 😂 #Belarus #Minsk #trenirovkami #quarantine #trenirovkami #treneris #trenirovkami #of Domashnyaya #of trenirovkami #of trenirovkami #vysokointensivnykh #trenirovkami #sportfamily

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Hello! Zabombit with @nikita_yundov for you new VIDOS🔥🔥 Bosu workout legs+press 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 If you train laziness, we offer you to dance half a minute under the chic retro😂 Also calories burned🔥😅 ⠀ so: 1. Attacks 2.”Owner” 3.Bending forward, standing on one leg 4.Twisting alternately to each leg ⠀ Perform each exercise for 20 reps without rest depending on the fitness of the athlete and duration of isolation 6-10 rounds😅😁 If you have already bought all the inventory you can use dumbbells on the first and third exercise 👌🏼 ⠀ Try the exercise, shoot a video, tag us with @nikita_yundov , if you are interested in this format 😁 ⠀ #hometraining #Sportfamily #vysokointensivnykh #Belarus #trenirovannosti #of trenirovkami #slimming #trenirovkami #of sportdom #treneris #trenirovkami #of onlineretrovir #onlineprogram #onlinetrader

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Our workouts are for You, no matter what ) the Main thing – do not panic and practice with us 😉💪 @kralinamarina @personal_trainer_adrenalin #sport#fitness#personalisierter#Transgrouplogistic#adrenalin#camerawork#казимировская6#strainatatea#trenirovkami#yagodicy#adrenalines #adrenaline #sportminsk #sport #sportivnymi#Sportivnye#motivaciya#kadeem#gotovimsya#sport#fitness#motivation#adrenalin#gym#personaltrainer #minsk#instagramm#sportgirls#summer2020

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TRY AND HAVE A WORKOUT WITH US! Work out? Means day lost knowingly👌. And then there’s until the summer left a bit… . Each of the ward I started cooking since last summer to the holiday period he had met in the best shape! I am sure that soon borders will open and people will begin to travel as before, but until that happens, we have to act as the chance to eat🍝 home increases. We are now having warm weather ☀ this is why Vladimir decided to conduct training outdoors. It requires no special equipment and will not take much of your time. . Start today, because you can work out at home. But for the best effect in the sun, so is better to melt fat😅. – – – – – – We did: ✅ Squats. 25. ✅ Attacks ago. On each leg 15 times. ✅ Squats with access to the focus on push-UPS. Performed 15 times. ✅ The bending of the arms to the shoulder in emphasis. 15 times for each shoulder. ✅ Push-UPS. 25. If you have trouble, you can do with the knees. ✅ Squats with the feet. It was one round. There we need to make at least 3. For more advanced 4-5 laps! Forward 💪🔥😎! – – – – – – Be sure to save this post and send your friend/friend, let not relax😅 . And if you really liked our practice, write to the Direct 📲 and the next time we’ll take you to our company😜 #serjiofitдома

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