Jean Beleniuk admits his transition to mixed martial arts.

Olympic medalist in Rio and the world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Beleniuk does not rule out continuing a career in MMA.

The athlete has promised at least to try to put his kick, but the transition to mixed martial arts does not exclude.

“Confrontation with Habib or McGregor? We have different categories, most likely. At least with McGregor, I was standing just a couple of months ago. As for my future in MMA – I made a promise to your fans who really are waiting for my debut in MMA, I’ll try to start at least to give yourself a shot. Because I do not have shock techniques. Thing I have in common with martial arts is just that there is a certain trend, when some fighters after his Olympic career move in mixed martial arts.

Why not? I’m not the person who speaks just to speak. If I say that this is an option, why not? I don’t see anything wrong. The more we know successful examples. In particular Neymar Matson debuted in the UFC in a few seconds put pernica. Silver medalist Organizing in Rio, he had a successful career fighter, now he successfully acts as the ultimate fighter. It is interesting to me actually,” said Beleniuk in an interview with YouTube channel Vatske Live.

Note that Beleniuk will take place in the top three best wrestlers in the world.

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