Vadim Bukharov has published a candid shot of his beloved Tatiana Tereshinoy in his Instagram.

A new choice of ex-soloist Hi-Fi Tatiana Tereshinoy excited the Network sensual photo of his beloved. The picture appeared on the website of the twerk in Instagram, according to “Russian conversation”.

In the photo Tatiana showed a alluring shape in your underwear. Photo provoked a mixed reaction among subscribers Vadim. Some said that the star looks amazing, but others believe that such photos should be left for the personal archive.

“Ugly my girlfriend naked in a Network to put on display. I have no evil intent,” – he raised the discussion.

Tatyana, apparently, quite calmly reacted to the act of the beloved. It only angered by the fact that some followers left offensive comments under the post . By the way, recently the actress herself showed fans the screensaver of the phone Vadim, which was adorned with her candid photos. As it turned out, Tatiana like this expression of love.