Photo: unian Benfica – Shakhtar online Europa League on February 27

Today, February 27, held text online broadcast of the return match of 1/16 finals of the Europa League 2019/2020 between the Portuguese Benfica and Shakhtar Donetsk.

The Ukrainians will play on the road, 65-seat Estádio da Luz in Lisbon.

The game will start at 22.00 Kyiv time. Live in Ukraine to broadcast the match Benfica – Shakhtar – will TV channel “Football 1”.




87. Just came out and immediately got the yellow Linnet, fouled near the penalty area of Shakhtar. Pyatov with the help of fists with supply managed.

86. Here and Linnet came in handy for 4 minutes. Tyson he changed.

85. Vinicius struck his head straight into the arms of Pyatov. That’s good, because that was the position of the striker Benefici good.

83. Tyson said already on a yellow card.

77</strong>. The miner even more attacks now. Surrendered home?

71. Now Benfica need to score at least two goals to have something to count on.

70. GOOOOOOL!!! 3:3!!! ALAN PATRICK LEVELS THE SCORE!!! Ismaily drilled a cross, and Alan Patrick with a beautiful strike with the rebound from the lawn struck the gate!

66. Moraes and Titus were combining well in front of the penalty, but messed up the offside.

62. The first substitution of the miner – Tete came on for Marlos.

57. Kryvtsov took a shot after a cross from Marlos. On target but no problem for the Keeper.

54. Marcos Antonio bad shot after a pass from Marlos, but the distance was killer.

50. Miner instantly score one goal and now the score of two matches in favor of the miners. Why all of two goals on the road.


48. And recently said that Matvienko is interested in Arsenal and Manchester city.

47. GOAL!!! Benfica! Rafa Silva! Bringing outright importation from miner, Matvienko gave a bad pass, Pyatov did not, Benfica has scored in a empty net! 3:1!


The miner is losing, but in the two matches – a draw. There are at least 45 minutes to correct the situation.


43. Ismaily elbow touched the Dias aerially – yellow card him for it.

40. Benfica continues to escalate, and the miner is mistaken in transfers from own penalty area.


28. The advantage in the last minutes is owned by the owners

25. Stepanenko in the middle of the field and fouled the fifth point. Interesting.

21. Matvienko interrupted dangerous cross almost deflected the ball into his own goal, Pyatov even had to jump just in case.

20. Ismaily rifled at the post from an acute angle!

18. Benfica pushes on. Dodo gives Diego Souza to close dangerous cross.

12. VAR confirmed that the goal was scored by the rules.

11. GOOOOOL!!!!!!! Miner instantly leveled! Transfer to Dodo, he shoots along

the gate and the defenders in the fight against Juniora Moraes bring the ball into his own net! 1:1!

10. Benfica such account are satisfied. Miner it’s time to turn.

9. GOOOL! Pizzi a beautiful curled shot put into the corner. 1:0!

7. Is the first shot on target. Diego Souza took a swig – Pyatov made a save.

2. Angular Benfica ended with nothing.

1. Shakhtar surprised by the lack Kovalenko, and the way of the Dodo from the start. Benfica playing without Seferovic and Samaria and Vinicius best striker remained on the bench. The owners drained the League of Europe?


Team ready to go out on the field.


Benfica: Lagodimos Of Grimaldo, Ferro, Ruben Dias, The Tavares – Rafa Silva, Taarabt, Weigl, Sikiru Diego Souza, Pizzi.

Shakhtar: Pyatov – Ismaily, Matvienko, Kryvtsov, Dodo – Stepanenko, Marcos Antonio Tyson, Alan Patrick, Marlos – Moraes.

Recall that both teams are in 1/16 second most important football tournament of Europe as it took third place in the group stage of the Champions League.

The way Shakhtar in the Europa League 2019/2020

Benfica – Shakhtar watch online / photo:

Wards Luis Castro was in the Champions League in the group along with the English Manchester city, the Italian Atalanta and Dinamo Zagreb. The result of all games, the team scored 6 points, took third place and qualified for the playoffs of the Europa League.

In the Ukrainian Premier League was winter break, so the players left the training camp in Belek, Turkey. There the miner has played eight friendly matches, of which five won, two lost and one draw.

The first official match in 2020 was a game with Benfica 20 February, in the 1/16 of the Europa League. The Ukrainian club took to the field as a favorite, besides the game was held at home, at the RSC “Metalist” in Kharkov. The game ended with the victory of the Ukrainian club with the score 2:1.

The Pitmen looked fresher, the eagles were much more active, created a lot of chances that were not realized only thanks to the skill of the goalkeeper. Despite winning score on the scoreboard, the experts noted a weak performance of the miner defense.

Sunday, 23 February, Shakhtar played 1:0 with the Chernihiv Desna. The match was controversial, as scored on 59 minutes, the Gum ball is not counted the referee. In the end, Marlos scored the winning goal for Shakhtar Donetsk in the 94th minute of the match.

Before the end of the Ukrainian championship left to play only three games: March 1 Vorskla, March 7 with Dnipro in the last round will meet with the Ear. The Pitmen – unconditionally lead in the championship, they have 53 points. The nearest rival, Dynamo Kiev – 39, and Dawn – 37. Even after losing the rest of the game, the team of Luis Castro will once again become champion.

Head coach of “miners” luís Castro for the return match in Portugal noted that the range today will be balance. “All matches are important. We try to win always.

I hope that the field will be a beautiful attacking football, as it was in Kharkov. Shakhtar have to win and pass further, pardon me, the Portuguese,” said the Portuguese coach. According to the press, special hopes coach miner holds the Dodo, which had served his suspension and can play from the first seconds of the match.

In Lisbon luís Castro took 21 players, it is: Pyatov, Trubin, Shevchenko, Kryvtsov, Matvienko, Khocholava, ismaily, Dodo, Stepanenko, taison, Marcos Antonio, Marlos, Aunt, Linnet, Kovalenko, Alan Patrick, Maicon, Bolbat, Fernando, Bondarenko, Moraes.

Training Benfica to the Europa League 2019/2020

Shakhtar – Benfica online stream of the match / photo:

Lisbon Benfica played in the Champions League in group G. the Portuguese side could have scored 7 points and missed the ⅛ finals of the German Leipzig and the French Lyon.

Unlike the miners, the practice of the Portuguese more, from the beginning of the year – 10 official matches. Not all of them Benfica had a great. So, trust Bruno Lager earned the right to play in the Portuguese Cup. But the League has lost important matches against Porto and Braga. To match with Shakhtar Donetsk “eagles” came in several disassembled state, and that affected the game.

Last weekend Benfica played in the national championship with Gil Vicente. In round 22 of the Lisbon “eagles” won with the score 1:0. In the Portuguese Primeira team overcame a little more than half way, and 12 rounds before the end it’s hard to say who will be the winner. So, with 57 points leader Benfica and only one point inferior to Port.

The head coach “eagles” Bruno Lager at the pre-match press conference said that Benfica has good chances to reach the next round of the Europa League. The Portuguese coach is confident that his team needs to control the ball, to achieve a positive result.

In the starting lineup, Benfica will probably work: Lagodimos, the Tavares, the Grimaldo, Dias, ferro, Weigl, Taarabt, Silva, PA, Pizzi, Souza

Forecasts bookmakers for the game Benfica-Shakhtar Donetsk, the experts

Online, Shakhtar – Benfica / photo:

Until that time, Benfica and Shakhtar Donetsk met in the Champions League season 2007/2008. The team then played in the same group and once won one from a friend’s house.

The first meeting for the 1/16 of the Europa League 2019/2020 has caused many disputes among football experts. Before the match, the experts were divided, some believed that the hands of the miner in this game was heavy playing schedule Benfica, others were convinced that the lack of match practice in official matches is bad for the game of “miners”.

In the end, the Ukrainians won with a score 2:1. For the first time in the knockout stages of the Europa League used a system VAR, which this evening was “against” Ukrainians. All the statistical indicators Shakhtar was the better of the Portuguese champion. Authoritative statistical resource InStat even put a team on 6th place among the best teams in the first round of the 1/16 finals of the tournament.

Despite the victory, the miner early to rejoice and rely on the easy way out in the ⅛ finals of the LE. Fatigue Benfica and psychological factors were the key causes of loss to the Pitmen. After the match, the Portuguese press said that in Kharkiv, Benfica has frozen not only the legs but also the brain.” However, the eagles are in a situation when in the home match, enough to beat the “miner” with the minimum account 1:0.

To judge the match Benfica – Shakhtar will be a team of referees from the Netherlands, the chief justice, highly experienced Bjorn Kuipers. He’s already four times served the matches involving Shakhtar and remembered that in 2010/2011 (¼ finals of the Europa League) was removed from the field of Andriy Shevchenko.

According to bookmakers, the more chances to win from Benfica.

Pari Match odds: Benfica to win – 1,84 miner and 4.3, draw a 3.85. William Hill gives you the following quotes – the victory of Benfica – 1,83, miner and 4.2, the draw of 3.70. Ukrainian office “Favorite Sports” bet on the win takes Benfica with a factor of 1.87, the draw — 3.70 points, to win the Pitmen’s at 4.05.