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Father’s day


Father’s day is one of the most touching and kind of holidays celebrated around the world.

Father’s day 2017 in Ukraine and the world celebrate June 18 – third Sunday of the first month of summer. This is an unofficial holiday in Ukraine, but still dads will be pleased to receive congratulations on the international day of the father.

Who was able, and became the father,

Is now good,

Who’s kids have produced —

The title of Pope has received.

And a happy holiday this

Definitely need the light

Because we know

Fathers are always important

And we — as without hands.

Happy father’s day to you my friend!


Happy father’s day I hasten to congratulate,

It is important your status.

For baby you are my assistant,

Dan he you fate.

Enjoy I wish

The title of your.

Offspring be respected

Respected and loved .

Let the joy fatherhood brings,

Not sick kids,

To be friends you want

And not to argue ever.

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Fathers are different: flexible, strict,

But in the depths of his soul, a sentimental.

For eye simply hide the vulnerable heart.

All dads today congratulations happy father’s Day.

We wish you a great and cheerful mood,

Any more happiness and free time.

Less trouble in the service and at home

And to get all wishes fulfilled on the fly!

Happy father

Day dad — well done!

For kids you be the hero

So proud was you,

For wife’s support, whether,

You let her rest!

Being a parent is the reward

Whether with kids often around,

Make a child happy

Carefree and beautiful!

My point is all here:

Be who you are!

The kind, wise, strict

Dad I want to congratulate father’s Day,

Advice you yourself gave me on the road

A tear snuck away from the face.

I wish that you were healthy and happy

So a merry laugh your eyes were beaming,

Family to the shore from storms and bad weather

And to me, father, you proud.

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Fathers, this holiday is for you

For those with experience, and who — for the first time.

Who created the family center for children

And has not deprived them of their love.

I hasten to congratulate you and to Express again

My gratitude, synov’û love.

We wish you health, success, victories,

Let the holiday will be a family dinner.

Famous father’s day —

It is a holiday without end,

It’s a kind smile,

Not coming down from the face.

There is no more important person

No reliable warm hands,

We wish you, dad,

Only joy around.

You will be

In our life we always

Let the color palette of happiness

Will all your years.

Daddy, mother, the best in the world!

You I’m grateful that you’re beside me

As well as we were lucky with the mother,

You are our support, you have been our wall!

Thank you for always you give me a smile

With you all the hardships easier to endure.

And I’m scary in this world is unsteady,

While me, daddy, you can protect.

Tenderness, love-filled heart

Holiday wonderful tonight — father’s Day!

We congratulate you, daddy dear.

We love you, we are proud of you.

You’re a great dad, and the world is no better.

Health to you, joy, happy, long years!


You’re the strongest, the smartest,

And the good, finally!

Love you just crazy

And I’m proud of you, father!

I wish you good health,

Always be number one!

I tell you with love:

You, dad, best of men!