Larisa Guzeeva does not wish to have any contact with Sabitova.

Today, 23
may, actress and TV presenter Larissa guzeyeva celebrates her 58th birthday.
Instead of the traditional festival, the host chose a tour of European
countries. Rose Sabitova, a colleague Larissa project “let’s get married!”,
presented their greetings short text message, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

officially declared herself Larissa, it does not support friendly relations
with their colleagues in the “First channel”. The woman immediately made it clear,
what about any friendship of speech could not be. I suppose that the most
probable reason for such critical attitude to each other – material
good. Guzeeva and Sabitova are competing in who gets more of them .

Rose actively
engaged in advertising projects, contains its own Dating Agency and leads
“Let’s get married! “so, for a lack of capital is not complaining.

gets at least, and maybe more of their “rivals” as
often pampers herself with jewels. In addition to the career
leading matchmaker of the country has a large filmography – more than 50 roles. And now she
continues to play in the performances and tour the countries. It
gives her a good fee.

to note that Guzeeva as well-off spouse – President of the Federation
restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov. By the way, it is possible that
established personal life of Larissa was one of the causes of hostility Sabitova to her.
Because, as you know, the rose still single.