The introduction of a visa-free regime with the European Union will increase the tourist flow to Greece, Spain and Italy, the General Director of TUI Ukraine Nurhan Chala.

“The demand increases for European countries, the number of requests we receive has increased three or four times, we can feel it especially in Spain, Greece, Italy,” he said during the work of the press club on Friday.

N. Chala said the likelihood of slight decrease of tourist flow from Ukraine to Turkey, and also predicted that the cost of the rest of the country may increase in average by 40% compared with the year 2016, which is associated also with the abolition in Russia of the ban on Charter flights to Turkey.

At the same time N. Chala believes that despite the increase in the flow of Ukrainian tourists to the EU, Turkey will remain the leader. He also noted that the company is ready to change the Charter program and solve problems with an additional quota of seats in hotels .