Tirill Eckhoff


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Norwegian Tirill Eckhoff were able to break the dominance of the German Laura Dahlmeier in the women’s biathlon and win in Kontiolahti.

Sixth win in a row did not submit Laura Dahlmeier in sprint race in Kontiolahti German made one miss on the second shooting, which dropped her to second place. At the same Dallmeier could claim victory, if not a great race Tiril Eckhoff: in this sprint the Norwegian just didn’t leave chances to competitors.

Eckhoff shot is not as fast aiming every shot — and this tactic has justified itself. Accurate shooting and great progress on the track has helped Tiril 18 seconds ahead of Laura at the finish line celebrating her first win of the season. Second podium of the season also yielded to Darya Domracheva who has finally managed to cope with fire, close all the targets, and in the end to take third place.

Biathlon . Results men’s sprint at KM-2017 in the Finnish Kontiolahti

Stopped in fact, the struggle for the Big crystal globe — Gabriela Soukalova with the only miss was already in 13th place. For performance in the sprint, therefore, the Czech earned 28 points, while the asset Dallmeier — 54 points. What would become inaccessible for Gaby, Laura, it is sufficient to score 11 points more in the pursuit.

Failed to please results Ukrainian women: women are on the decline form, so even with accurate shooting no one can claim a high place. Five blue-yellow women committed only two penalties, one from Julia Jim and Olga Abramova. But the best result — only 30-e a place Anastasia Merkushina. Some points also scored soukalova Gabriela and Julia, Jim and Olga Abramova Nadezhda Belkina and just qualified in the pursuit.


1. Tiril Eckhoff (Norway, 0+0) 19:18.4

2. Laura Dahlmeier (Germany, 0+1) +18.3

3. Darya Domracheva (BLR, 0+0) +20.4

4. Virolaynen Daria (Russia, 0+0) +34.8

5. Susan dunklee (USA, 1+0) +34.9

7. Lisa Vitozzi (Italy, 0+0) +37.0

30. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+0) +1:15.5

33. Dahlmeier Laura (0+0) +1:21.0

34. Julia Jim (1+0) +1:23.1

42. Olga Abramova (0+1) +1:36.4

44. Nadezhda Belkina (0+0) +1:38.8