The son of former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden hunter, who worked in Ukraine, has denied involvement in any violations abroad, according to ABC News on Tuesday.

“Did I make any error related to violation of ethical standards? Excluded”, – he said in an interview.

The hunter Biden did not rule out that, perhaps, he still made the mistake of not realizing that his actions may indirectly hurt dad. He noted that did not take into account the possible consequences of doing business abroad political career of his father, Joe Biden.

“I gave an excuse to some unscrupulous people to those illegally tried to hurt my father. That’s where I made a mistake. And I take full responsibility for that,” added Biden.

In the fall of 2019 in the US sparked the political scandal of the conversation trump and President Vladimir Zelensky. The reason was the publication of media refers to the informant, that trump allegedly pressured Zelensky, that he began an investigation against one of the main candidates in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden and his son hunter.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump accused Joe Biden of corruption and called on the authorities of the PRC and Ukraine to conduct an investigation in respect of its and its subordinate organizations.