Under the threat of thousands of football fans.

Italy continues to rage virus: the day registered 3612 new cases of infection, 743 people died. The country of 70 thousand cases – 30 thousand in Lombardy, region in Northern Italy with its capital in Milan, writes “Tribune”.

This figure looks like an anomaly, but scientists may have found the cause. In the Protezione Civile (the Department responsible for the forecasting and prevention of emergency situations in the country) believe that the main source of the spread of coronavirus in Lombardy was the match Atalanta – Valencia 19 Feb. At that time about the spread of the disease in Italy little is known of the first two games of the series But because of the virus was abolished on 22 August.

Atalanta held home matches of the UEFA Champions League at “San Siro” due to the reconstruction of their own stadium. Milan is located only 60 km from Bergamo, so the game came everyone who wanted. One of the policemen standing in a cordon at the match, told reporters of the Corriere dello Sport that for a long time do not remember such crowds in Milan.

The game was attended by 43 thousand fans of “Atalanta” and 2.5 thousand “Valencia” – in the opinion of the Protezione Civile, even one guy was enough to infect thousands of people.

“Fans traveled by buses, cars, trains down in the subway… This led to the effect of biological bombs,” says Fabiano Di Marco, head of Department of pneumology at the Bergamo hospital.

The mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori also called the incident a biological bomb and supplemented version of doctors:

“We didn’t know then what is happening is the first case in Italy was confirmed on February 23. If the virus is circulating in “San Siro” 19 Feb, all the 40 thousand fans were infected.

Nobody knew that the virus is already walking among us, that night we cuddled a lot and were happy. The virus is passed from one to another.”

Scientists from Iceland confirm that the stadium is a high probability of infection. The company DeCode Genetics checked 9 768 people (sick and healthy) and found 40 mutations coronavirus – each visible “footprint” of the country, where the virus was brought to Iceland.

Among infected found came from Austria and Italy, and 7 people attended a football match in England (what exactly – not specified), caused by mutations. In the same way the epidemic could spread in Lombardy.

At the end of February Corrieire della Sera put forward a different version: he wrote that the cause of the outbreak in Lombardia could be a mistake of the city hospital of Codogno – a small town 60 kilometers from Milan. The first patient with a coronavirus – the man who returned from China – before diagnosis more than a day lying in the General ward and in contact with both the staff and neighbors.

Now there’s a logical explanation, like for a week in late February, the number of cases reached 889 people.